DFW Employers Urged to Plan for April 8th Total Solar Eclipse to Avoid Unprecedented Absenteeism

Traffic Jam  - Total Eclipse DFW

Proactive Measures Can Mitigate Productivity Losses, Boost Employee Morale and Reduce Traffic

DALLAS (March 26, 2024) – As the once-in-a-lifetime Total Solar Eclipse approaches on April 8, Dallas-Fort Worth employers are urged to plan ahead to avoid potentially unprecedented levels of employee absenteeism and event-related traffic. With millions of visitors expected to descend upon the region to witness Totality, experts warn that failure to provide employees with time off, on-site viewing opportunities, or work-from-home options could result in a significant number of workers taking personal time off or simply not showing up to work.

The Total Solar Eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime event expected to draw record-breaking crowds to the DFW area. The region is anticipating more visitors than ever, surpassing major events like the Super Bowl and the State Fair of Texas. With over 500 Eclipse-related events happening simultaneously, an estimated 1.5 million visitors will be in the area. And since Totality will occur near mid-day for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, many workers will seek lunchtime viewing options during the event.

This influx of people could overwhelm public services, emergency medical services and facilities. Employers can help mitigate the strain on the region’s resources and infrastructure by reducing the need for employees to travel to work or lunch. Additionally, providing employees with the flexibility to view the Eclipse safely can demonstrate a commitment to their well-being and create a shared sense of community.

“It’s estimated that the 2017 Eclipse cost U.S. employers around $694 million in lost productivity, with some areas experiencing as much as $200 million in losses due to absenteeism,” said Jo Trizila, founder of Total Eclipse DFW. “Employers in Dallas-Fort Worth have a unique opportunity to learn from this experience and proactively plan for the April 8 Eclipse to mitigate potential disruptions.”

Total Eclipse DFW, a regional initiative dedicated to preparing the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the Eclipse, encourages employers to consider implementing “Totality Time Off” policies or hosting on-site viewing events for their employees. These measures reduce the likelihood of unplanned absences and provide a unique opportunity for team building and boosting employee morale.

Employers can take simple steps to accommodate their employees during the Eclipse, such as encouraging them to bring lunch, supplying Eclipse glasses and informing them in advance that they will have the opportunity to witness Totality on April 8. By planning and accommodating employee needs, employers can minimize the economic impact of the Eclipse on their organizations and contribute to public safety by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

Total Eclipse DFW offers a range of resources for employers looking to plan for the Eclipse, including an employer checklist, tips for hosting on-site viewing events and educational materials to share with employees. The organization also stresses the importance of providing ISO-certified Eclipse glasses to ensure safe viewing practices.

“The Total Solar Eclipse is not only a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event but also an opportunity for the Dallas-Fort Worth community to come together and experience something truly extraordinary,” said Trizila. “By taking proactive steps to enable their employees to participate safely, employers can play a vital role in making this a positive and memorable experience for all.”

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Total Eclipse DFW is a regional campaign dedicated to showcasing the April 8, Total Solar Eclipse and the awe-inspiring path of totality as the quintessential celestial spectacle in North America. Operating as the central nexus, Total Eclipse DFW is the go-to resource for all aspects of the once-in-a-lifetime event, including Eclipse-related information and events specific to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our core mission is to ensure universal access to ISO-certified safe Solar Eclipse viewing glasses while simultaneously engaging and partnering with residents, visitors, governmental entities, businesses and media to orchestrate an unforgettable Eclipse encounter for all involved. Furthermore, we take pride in championing Dallas-Fort Worth as the premier location to witness this extraordinary astronomical phenomenon. For more information, please visit https://totalEclipsedfw.com/.


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