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This year, a monumental event is unfolding—surpassing the Super Bowl, the World Series and even the World Cup’s significance. And it hasn’t happened in DFW for at least 100 years and won’t happen again for at least 300 years. It’s the Total Eclipse 2024 and it presents a colossal opportunity for Dallas-Fort Worth advertisers, publicists and marketers.

Millions of people, both residents and visitors alike, in DFW will come together on April 8, 2024, and fixate on the sun as it gracefully moves behind the moon, unveiling its radiant corona (as the celestial one, not the beer). This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Have you prepared your clients yet?

Please don’t worry, TotalEclipseDFW is at your service and can help with various Eclipse marketing opportunities for the April 8, 2024, Total Solar Eclipse.

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Built by Agency Owners for Agency Owners

As fellow agency owners (TrizCom PR), we understand the excitement and challenges of preparing for the Total Eclipse 2024. Having immersed ourselves in the world of celestial events for over six months, we’ve collaborated with experts from the American Astronomical Society, connected with agencies that capitalized on the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, engaged with Eclipse chasers and gathered insights to help agencies like yours seize this unique opportunity for your agency AND your clients.

Seizing the Solar Eclipse 2024 Opportunity

The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse presents an unprecedented chance for advertising and PR agencies to shine. The astronomical phenomenon is not just a cosmic spectacle; it’s an unparalleled marketing opportunity for businesses, organizations and municipalities to captivate their audiences, create memorable experiences and boost engagement while promoting safety and showing the world how to be the hosts with the most as an Eclipse Metro.

To make the most of this celestial event, you need to act swiftly on two critical fronts:

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Pitch the Solar Eclipse 2024 Opportunity to Clients

Don’t miss out on presenting the Total Eclipse 2024 as a remarkable opportunity for your clients. Whether crafting unique campaigns, hosting events or creating engaging content around the Eclipse, positioning your agency as a leader in Eclipse strategies can set you apart in the eyes of your clients.




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Secure Safe Viewing Glasses TODAY – Prepare to Hear Us Repeat This: High Demand Expected!

We’re emphasizing “high demand expected” because Dallas-Fort Worth’s Path of Totality will magnetize millions (yes, millions) of viewers, raising the possibility of a shortage of safe viewing glasses. In 2017, a shortage of ISO-compliant glasses left numerous individuals and brands without proper eyewear. We are resolute in ensuring that history doesn’t repeat itself for you and your valued clients.


Your safety and success during this remarkable event are our top priorities. 

Safe viewing is non-negotiable for the 2024 Total Eclipse spectacle. Order your safe viewing glasses now to ensure you have the equipment for your team and clients to witness this awe-inspiring event safely.

Don’t risk missing out on this celestial wonder. Act swiftly; secure your safe viewing glasses today.

    • Order Glasses – Act fast to secure the eclipse glasses your agency and clients will need.

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Total Eclipse DFW Opportunities for Advertising and PR Agencies

Integrating the Eclipse into 1Q and 2Q Plans

The Total Eclipse provides a unique window to integrate into your 1st and 2nd quarter plans. Whether your clients are businesses, organizations or government entities, aligning your strategies with this celestial event can lead to heightened visibility and increased engagement.


Solar Eclipse 2024 Marketing Ideas for Total Eclipse DFW Activations

Explore creative ways to make the Total Eclipse a memorable experience for your audience:

    • Distribute Safe Glasses – Be the provider of safe viewing glasses, creating a tangible connection between a brand and this extraordinary event. We know from the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, all Eclipse glasses and merchandise will be keepsakes, so think beyond the glasses.

    • Include Bounce Back Coupons – Enhance customer loyalty by offering digital, trackable bounce-back coupons (QR codes), turning eclipse spectators into repeat customers. 

    • Co-branding Opportunities – Leverage co-branding strategies to maximize visibility and reach a broader audience. The Total Eclipse DFW viewing glasses are branded outside with a stunning design depicting the Eclipse and the Dallas and Fort Worth skylines. Your clients can use the entire inside of the frames or we can work with you to co-brand or rebrand the outside of the frames. 

    • CSR Opportunities Another exciting opportunity is to sponsor viewing glasses for schools. In this case, your client could include a school or even an ISD brand. Within the bounds of frames, the sky is really the limit.

    • Host Eclipse Viewing Events – Organize gatherings for your audience to witness the Eclipse together, creating a sense of community around your brand. We know from the 2017 Eclipse that workplaces and schools experience high absenteeism on the day of the Eclipse. Why not encourage large employers to bring their families to a company viewing party that day? Distribute glasses, eat lunch, play games and give out keepsakes. What better way to do something nice for the team while keeping some level of productivity?

    • Support local police, firefighters, traffic managers and other public safety workers. They are going to have several jam-packed days on their hands!


Inspirational Total Eclipse Marketing Examples  – How Different Clients Can Make the Most of the Total Solar Eclipse

Retail and The Total Solar Eclipse

Host exclusive in-store Eclipse viewing parties, offering special discounts to attendees. Create limited-edition eclipse-themed products for an added sales boost. Distribute glasses in the weeks leading up to the event with bounce-back offers. Customers will save them because the glasses are keepsakes!

Restaurants/Cafes and the Total Solar Eclipse

Craft eclipse-themed menus, offering unique dishes and drinks inspired by the cosmic event. Distribute glasses in the weeks leading up to the event with bounce-back offers. Customers will save them because the glasses are keepsakes!

Tourism/Hospitality and the Total Solar Eclipse

Promote eclipse-themed travel packages, providing guests exclusive viewing locations and celestial-inspired activities. Create limited-time offers to attract travelers during this extraordinary period. Include viewing glasses for each traveler.

Educational Institutions and The Total Solar Eclipse

Organize Eclipse viewing events for students, incorporating educational elements about astronomy—partner with local astronomers or science experts for informative sessions. Distribute viewing glasses to all students.

Technology Companies and The Total Solar Eclipse

Launch limited-edition eclipse-themed gadgets or software updates. Engage tech enthusiasts through online events, webinars or social media campaigns focused on the intersection of technology and the celestial event. Distribute viewing glasses in the weeks leading up to the event.

Nonprofit Organizations The Total Solar Eclipse

Leverage the Eclipse as a fundraising opportunity. Host virtual events, auctions or donation drives, emphasizing the rare nature of the celestial occurrence to encourage community participation.

Eye Care Providers The Total Solar Eclipse

(Lens and Eye Care Manufacturers, Eyeglass Frame Retailers, Direct-to-Consumer Companies):

Position your brand as the go-to provider for safe Eclipse viewing glasses. Sponsorship opportunities include co-branded glasses and promotions to increase brand visibility during the Total Eclipse.

Health Care Facilities The Total Solar Eclipse

(Hospitals, Urgent Care, Emergency Care):

Enhance brand value by becoming a presenting sponsor during the days surrounding the Solar Eclipse. Promote health and safety messages, aligning your brand with community well-being.

DFW Business Associations The Total Solar Eclipse

Raise awareness of DFW as a destination for large corporate and political events, sports contests, etc. Collaborate with local businesses to create a unified effort in promoting the region during the Total Eclipse.

DFW Major Sports Franchises The Total Solar Eclipse

Create a consortium of sports teams, such as the 2023 World Series Champions Texas Rangers, to welcome citizens and visitors to games or other events during the Total Eclipse weekend. Become a sponsor of www.TotalEclipsDFW.com and distribute co-branded Total Eclipse DFW Solar viewing glasses to promote safety and serve as keepsakes.

Sponsorship Opportunities with Total Eclipse DFW: Maximizing Brand Impact for Your Clients

Elevate Your Client’s Brands During a Once-In-A-Lifetime Phenomenon


The Solar Eclipse 2024 passing through Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) offers a unique and high-visibility platform for brands. As a sponsor of TotalEclipseDFW, your agency can propel your clients’ brands into the spotlight, leveraging this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event to forge deep, lasting impressions with a vast audience.

Why Your Clients Should Sponsor the Total Eclipse DFW

    1. Unprecedented Exposure: The Total Eclipse will captivate millions in DFW and beyond, providing your clients an extraordinary reach. This is a rare chance for brands to be seen by a massive, attentive audience in real-time and through extensive media coverage.

    1. Alignment with a Historical Event: This celestial event, occurring once in 300 years, offers a unique storytelling opportunity. Sponsoring Total Eclipse DFW allows your clients’ brands to be part of this historical narrative, enhancing their image as forward-thinking, innovative and connected to significant cultural moments.

    1. Targeted Audience Engagement: The diverse group of spectators – families, educators, astronomy enthusiasts, visitors and DFW residents – presents a valuable opportunity for targeted marketing. Your clients can engage with specific demographics in meaningful ways, from educational initiatives to family-friendly activities.

    1. Enhanced Brand Perception: Associating with this educational and awe-inspiring event can positively impact your clients’ brand perception. It shows commitment to community involvement and intellectual enrichment, traits highly valued by contemporary consumers.

    1. Long-Term Brand Recall: Given the rarity and spectacle of the Total Solar Eclipse, any associated branding will likely be remembered for years. This offers a unique opportunity for your clients to create long-term brand recall.

    1. Exclusive Eclipse Marketing Opportunities: Sponsorship provides access to exclusive Eclipse marketing avenues – from branded safe viewing glasses to special event sponsorships – unavailable through traditional channels. This exclusivity can set your clients’ brands apart in a crowded market.

    1. Cross-Promotional Synergies: Collaborating with other sponsors and partners of the Total Eclipse event opens avenues for cross-promotional synergies, expanding your clients’ reach beyond their usual audience.

    1. Social Media Buzz: Capitalizing on the social media buzz surrounding the Total Eclipse, sponsors can amplify their online presence, creating engaging content that resonates with a global audience.

Join this Once-in-a-Lifetime Spectacle as a Sponsor

In short, sponsoring Total Eclipse DFW is more than just an advertising opportunity; it’s a chance to position your clients’ brands at the forefront of a rare, culturally significant event. This sponsorship will bring immediate visibility and contribute to a lasting legacy in the audience’s minds.

Contact Jo Trizila or Tammy Cancela with TotalEclipseDFW to explore tailor-made sponsorship opportunities that can elevate your clients’ brands to stellar heights.

Solar Eclipse Glasses

Order Total Eclipse Glasses NOW

Act Fast, Secure Your Eclipse Glasses. 

Time is of the essence. Ensure you have the necessary viewing equipment to make the Total Eclipse an unforgettable experience for your team and clients. Don’t wait; order your safe viewing glasses now!

Your portal to a spectacular Total Eclipse experience!

The Total Solar Eclipse is not just a cosmic event; it’s an opportunity for your agency and clients to shine. Seize the moment, pitch the opportunity to clients and order your safe viewing glasses now. With strategic planning and creative activations, your agency can make the Total Eclipse a pivotal moment in your brand’s journey. 

Join us as we navigate this celestial event together, unlocking endless possibilities for your agency and clients. We’re here for you if you want to discuss sponsorships or kick around some ideas. 

For more information on how Total Eclipse DFW can help your clients, please call 972-247-1369 or reach out to info@TotalEclipseDFW.com


Eclipse-Ready Marketing Starts Here

Your agency’s moment to shine is during the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. Ensure your clients are well-prepared to harness the cosmic spectacle for their brand’s success. TotalEclipseDFW is your guide to eclipse-ready marketing strategies. Let’s make this celestial event a milestone for your agency’s portfolio.

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