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Lab-tested, ISO-Compliant and AAS-Approved Eclipse Protection Glasses


Tax-exempt Customers: Please note that we are currently developing an automated ordering form for your convenience; meanwhile, kindly direct your orders to or call 972-247-1369.

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Don’t miss the celestial event of the year! Secure your DFW Solar Eclipse Glasses, ISO compliant for guaranteed safety and quality. These specially designed glasses will allow you to witness the awe-inspiring solar eclipse without damaging your eyes. Experience the magic of the cosmos safely !

Eclipse Glasses
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ISO Certified Solar Eclipse Glasses

At Total Eclipse DFW, our mission is to provide access to SAFE, TRUSTED Solar Eclipse viewing glasses for every person who wants to witness the Total Solar Eclipse. We prioritize your safety and provide official ISO-certified Solar Eclipse Glasses to ensure you have a secure and awe-inspiring experience. Don’t compromise on your eye safety; our glasses are rigorously tested and meet the highest ISO safety standards.

Why choose our Solar Eclipse Glasses?

    • ISO-certified for maximum eye protection.

    • Exceptional optical quality for a clear view.

    • Comfortable and easy to wear during the eclipse.

    • They are ideal for all ages and levels of eclipse enthusiasts.

    • Join us in celebrating the beauty of nature’s celestial show with the assurance of safety. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the next solar eclipse in style and security. Order your official ISO-certified Solar Eclipse Glasses today and make memories that will last a lifetime.



Need Custom Solar Eclipse Glasses?

Are you looking for Custom Solar Eclipse Glasses? Now is the time to prepare for the April 8, 2024, Total Solar Eclipse with unique and stylish custom Solar Eclipse glasses. Whether for a special occasion, a marketing campaign or to stand out from the crowd, we’ve got you covered. Your branded Eclipse glasses will offer eye protection AND carry your personal style and message, leaving a lasting impression on all who see and wear them.

Here’s how you can get your hands on these custom glasses:

1. Sponsorship: Become a Total Eclipse DFW Sponsor. 

2. Bulk Orders:  Customization is available on 1,000 units or more. 

While we are perfecting our automated ordering system for custom Solar Eclipse glasses, we invite you to place your custom orders directly. Contact us at or call 972-247-1369 to secure your unique, custom-crafted Solar Eclipse glasses today.

2024 Total Eclipse DFW official solar eclipse glasses

The Design

Total Eclipse DFW has been recognized by the American Astronomical Society’s Solar Eclipse Task Force as a supplier of safe solar viewers/filters by meeting stringent lab-tested criteria for safety. 

While styles of solar eclipse glasses may vary depending on available manufacturer stock, all glasses sold conform to and meet the transmission requirements of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 12312-2 for Filters for Direct Observation of the Sun. This ISO certification guarantees all eclipse viewers offer safe solar filtration for eyes during partial solar eclipse phases leading up to totality.

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Return Policy

Total Eclipse DFW’s Return Policy for Eclipse Viewing Glasses

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Check out All Solar Eclipse Glasses are not the Same,  send us an email at or give us a call at 972-247-1369.

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