Dallas ER Physician Shares Critical Eye Safety Tips for Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse

Proper Eye Protection is Essential to Prevent Permanent Retinal Damage

DALLAS (March 18, 2024) – In anticipation of the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, Total Eclipse DFW has provided thousands of ISO-compliant and American Astronomical Society-approved Eclipse glasses to North Texas residents and those who plan to visit the area. Whether glasses were purchased from Total Eclipse DFW or another provider, Eclipse watchers must know how to use them safely to avoid damaging their eyes.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable Eclipse viewing experience, follow these essential tips:

  • Wear your glasses properly: Ensure the glasses fit snugly over your eyes, covering your entire field of vision. Do not peek around the frames while looking at the Sun.
  • Use glasses at the right times: Wear your Solar Eclipse glasses during the lead-up to and following Totality, when the moon doesn’t completely block the Sun’s rays. Remove the glasses only during Totality to experience the Eclipse’s full effect.
  • Ensure your glasses are compliant and approved: Confirm that your glasses meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard by checking if the manufacturer or reseller is listed on the American Astronomical Society’s website.
  • Inspect your glasses for damage: Check for scratches, punctures, or defects that could allow harmful sunlight to penetrate the lens. Do not use damaged glasses.
  • Avoid prolonged viewing: Limit your viewing time to brief intervals and take breaks to rest your eyes. Share your glasses with others if neither of you has a contagious eye condition.
  • Test your glasses before the Eclipse: You should only be able to see the Sun itself through the glasses, appearing like an intense orange ball. Everything else should be black.
  • Do not move around while wearing the glasses: The dark lenses will obscure your vision. Remove the glasses before moving to prevent injury.
  • Supervise children closely: Ensure children understand how to use the glasses safely and monitor their use to prevent eye injury.

“Since most of us have not experienced a Total Solar Eclipse, it’s important to know when to wear Eclipse glasses during a Total Eclipse,” said Jo Trizila, founder of Total Eclipse DFW. “The hour leading up to Totality and the hour after Totality when the Sun is visible, even a tiny bit, Eclipse glasses are required. It is only safe, and highly advisable, to remove your glasses  during Totality when the Moon completely covers the Sun.”

As excitement builds for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse, emergency room physician and Medical Director at Legacy ER and Urgent Care in Coppell, Texas, Rob Lapporte, MD, wants to remind the public about the critical importance of proper eye protection when viewing this spectacular event.

“It’s natural to want to view the Eclipse, but you cannot look directly at the Sun, even briefly, without risking permanent eye damage,” cautions Dr. Lapporte. “Regular Sunglasses, even stacked together, do not provide adequate protection. You must use special ISO-certified Solar Eclipse glasses.”

Dr. Lapporte recommends obtaining Eclipse glasses only from reputable vendors approved by the American Astronomical Society. Some uncertified glasses claim ISO compliance but may not actually provide sufficient protection. He also stresses that the glasses are so dark that they are unsafe to wear while walking or driving.

“Once you have your ISO-certified glasses, stay in one place, put them on, and then look up at the Eclipse,” he advises. “Do not try to move around while wearing them.”

For those planning to photograph the Eclipse, camera lenses also require special solar filters to avoid damage to the camera’s sensor and the photographer’s eyes.

Failing to use proper protective equipment risks solar retinopathy and permanent damage to the retina, which can cause lasting central vision loss, floaters and other visual disturbances. Anyone experiencing worrying visual symptoms after the Eclipse should see an ophthalmologist immediately.

Following these simple safety precautions allows everyone to enjoy this rare and breathtaking celestial event without jeopardizing their eyesight.

Total Eclipse DFW offers ISO-compliant, AAS-approved solar Eclipse glasses and a wide range of Eclipse merchandise, souvenirs, and keepsakes, including a Total Eclipse Texas one-ounce .999 fine silver commemorative coin. To purchase viewing glasses, coins, or other merchandise, visit https://totaleclipsedfw.com/.

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Total Eclipse DFW is a regional campaign dedicated to showcasing the April 8, Total Solar Eclipse and the awe-inspiring path of Totality as the quintessential celestial spectacle in North America. Operating as the central nexus, Total Eclipse DFW is the go-to resource for all aspects of the once-in-a-lifetime event, including Eclipse-related information and events specific to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our core mission is to ensure universal access to ISO-certified safe Solar Eclipse viewing glasses while simultaneously engaging and partnering with residents, visitors, governmental entities, businesses and media to orchestrate an unforgettable Eclipse encounter for all involved. Furthermore, we take pride in championing Dallas-Fort Worth as the premier location to witness this extraordinary astronomical phenomenon. For more information, please visit https://totalEclipsedfw.com/.

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