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Eclipse Tips: K-12 Schools

Total Eclipse DFW exists to help all students in the DFW Metroplex have the opportunity to experience the historic Total Solar Eclipse safely on April 8, 2023 with Solar Eclipse glasses for schools. Our area has not experienced a Total Solar Eclipse for 140 years and will not experience another for 300 years! It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event for North Texas.

Total Eclipse DFW is based partly on a little girl and her classmates who missed the 2017 partial Eclipse because their school didn’t have the correct information.

The students had been prepped by their teachers on what to expect from the partial Solar Eclipse for several weeks. Plans were made for a unique outdoor assembly and the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) raised money and purchased Eclipse viewing glasses online for every student and staff member. However, on the morning of the event, it became clear that the viewing glasses did not meet the safety requirements established by the American Astronomical Society and ISO 12312-2. This mistake (to no fault of anyone other than fraudulent sellers) wasted resources and disappointed several hundred students, families, and educators.

One of those children was Jo Trizila’s daughter. The entire incident behind them seemed like a lost opportunity. But when we learned about the Total Solar Eclipse that will occur in 2024 and began exploring its importance, we knew that every student in the Metroplex – plus all the students who will visit from around the world – should have the opportunity to experience the Total Eclipse in all its majesty and learn the science behind it.

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Secure Eclipse Glasses for Your School

Ensure your students don’t miss this historic Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2023. Order ISO-compliant glasses now!

Here’s what schools, colleges and universities need to know about the 2024 Total Eclipse:

Plan Ahead For A Superior Educational Eclipse Experience

  • Buy AAS/ISO 12312-2 compliant viewing glasses ASAP.
  • Determine whether you will allow mobile phones or cameras outside during the event. If you will allow them, the user must have a Solar Eclipse filter to ensure safety. An alternative is to invite a professional photographer and videographer to shoot the event with you.
  • If you need a sponsor to offset costs, find one now.
  • Weave the Total Solar Eclipse into curriculum at least a month in advance and for several days after the Eclipse.
    • History, science, art, vocabulary, reading, writing – the opportunities are endless.
  • People who have experienced a Total Solar Eclipse find it deeply moving. Give the kids time and space to discuss the experience together.
  • Local meteorologists make great speakers for an assembly, and they are happy to do it.
  • Move tests and other events to the weeks before and after the Eclipse, if possible. The Eclipse will dominate the day.
  • provides extensive information about the Eclipse and can be an excellent resource for educators. Check out these educational resources.

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  • Safety First: Eclipse glasses are designed to protect students’ eyes from the harmful effects of staring directly at the sun during the Eclipse. Safety is a top priority. Our Eclipse glasses are tested and verified to comply with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard. Total Eclipse DFW and the manufacturer of our Eclipse glasses are on the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters & Viewers list. 
  • Limited Availability: Eclipse glasses are in high demand, especially in DFW, since we are on the Path of Totality. It’s crucial to reserve your school’s glasses well in advance to ensure you have enough for all your students.

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Solar Eclipse Glasses

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DFW Will Experience Totality

Almost every area in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) region will experience Totality or near Totality during the eclipse. This means that students in DFW schools have a front-row seat to witness this awe-inspiring phenomenon. Take advantage of this incredible educational opportunity. Reserve your school’s Eclipse glasses before they sell out, and provide your students with a memorable and safe Eclipse viewing experience.

Secure Eclipse Glasses for Your School

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Total Eclipse DFW’s manufacturer has a long history of providing Eclipse glasses to numerous schools, helping hundreds of thousands of students across multiple states experience Eclipses safely. We recognize that safety and quality rank as your utmost concerns. Ensure all Eclipse glasses are tested and verified to comply with ISO 12312-2 standards. Teachers and educators across the nation rely on our manufacturer to supply outstanding products that ensure their students’ safety and enhance their enjoyment of the Eclipse experience.

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Why Purchase Solar Eclipse Glasses For Schools From Total Eclipse DFW?

We are local. Our children go to DFW public schools. We founded Total Eclipse DFW because our children could not watch the eclipse. After all, the PTO purchased inadequate glasses, unbeknownst to them. We are on a mission to ensure everyone in DFW has access to safe, reliable and verified eclipse glasses. 

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Prioritize Student Safety

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