The 2024 Total Eclipse When And Where It Will Happen

Phases of a total eclipse

Get ready. On Monday, April 8, 2024, one of the most dramatic celestial events will unfold across North America – specifically throughout Dallas-Fort Worth. A Total Solar Eclipse will cast a shadow that moves from the southern hemispheres to the old cobbled streets of New England, marking a Path of Totality that promises an awe-inspiring spectacle for millions.

Phases of a solar eclipse

The Path of Totality Through Dallas-Fort Worth: Total Eclipse When and Where

The grand performance will commence over the tranquil South Pacific Ocean. As the Moon positions itself perfectly between the Sun and Earth, the first land to fall under its shadow will be the picturesque Pacific coast of Mexico at approximately 1:07 PM CST. This will signal the beginning of a journey traversing a swath of North America.

The shadow will journey across the heart of Mexico, where ancient civilizations once gazed at the stars with wonder. It will cross into the United States at Texas, bringing darkness to the Lone Star State during the day.

Texas Map

In Dallas-Fort Worth, the first city to experience Totality will be Pottsville in Hamilton County at 1:36:40 PM CST.  Totality will last 3 minutes 26.3 seconds. The final DFW city to experience the Path of Totality is Avery, Texas, at 1:45:00 PM CST. Totality will last 4 minutes 12.5 seconds.  For a full list of the 300+ DFW cities, please visit

The Path of Totality will then sweep through a tapestry of American landscapes, from the wide-open plains of Oklahoma to the rolling hills of Arkansas. Missouri will follow, with its rich history echoing in the silence of the Eclipse before the shadow glides through Illinois, where cityscapes will meet darkened skies. The Eclipse will grace Kentucky, a land of unbridled spirit and then Indiana, where the crossroads of America will stand still for a moment.

Ohio will experience the dance of light and shadow next, followed by Pennsylvania, where the past and present will align under the Eclipse. New York’s vibrancy will momentarily dim, leading to the tranquil settings of Vermont and New Hampshire, where nature will revel in the twilight of the midday Eclipse.

Maine will be the last U.S. state to witness this marvel before the Eclipse embarks on its Canadian voyage. It will touch Southern Ontario and the journey will continue through the cultural mosaic of Quebec, the scenic vistas of New Brunswick, the red sands of Prince Edward Island and finally, the rugged cliffs of Cape Breton.

As the Eclipse concludes its passage, it will bid farewell to North America on the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland, Canada, at 5:16 p.m. NDT, leaving viewers in silent amazement as the day returns to normalcy.

Time Stands Still: Total Eclipse When and Whereto Watch

Each U.S. state in the Eclipse’s path will experience a brief dive into darkness as Totality hits. These areas will enjoy the unique twilight of the Eclipse, bracketed by partial phases before and after the main event. The exact moment when the Moon cloaks the Sun will vary by location, offering a localized schedule for the celestial show.

Dallas-Fort Worth Designated Market Areas (DMA)

Embracing the Eclipse

Whether you are a seasoned Eclipse chaser or a curious spectator, the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse presents a rare opportunity to witness one of nature’s most captivating phenomena. It’s an event that encourages us to pause, look up and remember our place in the grand cosmos. So mark your calendars, secure your viewing glasses and ready yourself for a day when the Sun bows to the Moon and day turns to night.

Remember to check your local viewing times, safety tips and the weather forecast to ensure a memorable and secure viewing experience. As the countdown to April 8, 2024, begins, stay tuned for more updates on how to make the most of this extraordinary event.