Preparing for the April 8 Total Eclipse in DFW

vector drawing of people outside with a total eclipse

On April 8th, 2024, one of nature’s most spectacular shows will unfold across DFW – a total solar eclipse! For the first time in over a century, our region falls along the exclusive path of totality, offering locals a front-row glimpse at this rare celestial phenomenon.

Are you prepared?

Are you prepared to witness the moon completely block the midday sun? While you still have time, follow this handy total solar eclipse checklist to make the most of the big event!

Clear Your Calendar – Mark April 8th on your calendar and start planning to have the day off now. With huge crowds expected, you’ll want zero conflicts or appointments interfering with eclipse plans. Remember, the last total solar eclipse here was in 1878 – and this will likely be your only chance to see one for another 300 years!

Get Certified Eclipse Glasses – Special eyewear like ISO-approved eclipse glasses is essential for safe, direct viewing. Don’t risk eye damage from the intense solar rays by wearing ordinary sunglasses. As the only local supplier, Total Eclipse DFW offers ISO-compliant solar filters for just $3 to protect your sight during partial eclipse phases before and after totality. Order your glasses now:

vector drawing of a cat outside wearing Total Eclipse DFW eclipse glasses
vector drawing of people outside with a total eclipse

Choose a Prime Viewing Spot – Popular locations will fill up fast, with over 1.5 million eclipse chasers visiting DFW. Research ideal spots along the path of totality and have a game plan for April 8th. Total Eclipse DFW conveniently maps cities in the region with 4+ minutes of awe-inspiring totality to help guide your choice. Arrive early to claim your treasured viewing real estate!

Book Local Accommodations – If hosting out-of-town guests or renting a vacation property, lock down DFW lodging now before it’s gone. Hotels are booking up quickly, so secure rooms ASAP to avoid scrambling later. Consider making a full vacation weekend out of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion!

vector drawing of people outside with a total eclipse
    vector drawing of people outside with a total eclipse

    Monitor Weather Forecasts – While DFW often sees sunny April days, be ready to change locations if clouds roll in. Check forecasts leading up to April 8 and keep a backup viewing option in mind should poor weather strike. However, in case there are clouds on April 8, eclipse participants can still witness the eclipse. Check out Jamie Carter’s story, What happens if it’s a cloudy eclipse?

    Brace for Heavy Traffic – Roadways will grind to a halt with the influx of eclipse watchers. Fill up your tank ahead of time and map alternate routes if needed. Pack snacks and essentials in case you get stuck! Patience and preparation are key.

    vector drawing of people outside in carswith a total eclipse
    vector drawing of eclipse watchers outside with a total eclipse

    Pack Provisions – Treat eclipse day like an all-day outdoor event. Bring food, water, warm layers, sun protection, portable chargers, first aid kits – anything to maintain comfort. You’ll want zero reason to take your eyes off the cosmic show above!

    Test Photography Gear – Experiment with optimal camera settings and lenses ahead of time if attempting to document this rare spectacle. Reputable solar filters are a must for photographed partial phases. And remember, no smartphone can withstand direct solar rays.

    vector drawing of people outside with a total eclipse
    vector drawing of people outside at an eclipse festival

    Secure Eclipse Keepsakes – Celebrate the extraordinary event by repping DFW pride with total solar eclipse merch! Snag specialty apparel, glasses and posters before vendors sell out. Eclipse mementos also make great gifts. Shop here:

    Connect with Local Communities: If you’re traveling to a new area, take some time to learn about the local community and culture. Participating in local events or visiting local businesses can enrich your eclipse trip.

    vector drawing of people outside with a total eclipse
    Mom and son wearing eclipse glasses

    Practice Viewing the Eclipse: Use your eclipse glasses to practice viewing the sun on days leading up to the eclipse. This will help you become comfortable putting on and taking off the glasses safely, ensuring you’re ready for the big day.

    Stay Informed: Keep an eye on official websites and social media channels for any last-minute advice or changes related to the eclipse. Local authorities, astronomical societies and national parks may provide valuable updates and tips.

    Vector drawing of a family at the kitchen table researching total eclipses.

          DFW residents will witness an extraordinary solar spectacle when the big day finally dawns. Don’t miss a moment of totality bliss– follow this advice to fully prepare for the extraordinary cosmic show coming to DFW skies on April 8, 2024!