Total Eclipse DFW Announces Urgent Need for Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses Ahead of The April 8 Total Eclipse in Dallas-Fort Worth

DALLAS [January 18, 2024] – As Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) eagerly anticipates the arrival of the April 8 Total Solar Eclipse in just 81 days, Total Eclipse DFW is issuing an urgent call for residents, visitors and companies to secure ISO-compliant Solar Eclipse glasses. This rare celestial event, last experienced in DFW over 100 years ago and not expected to return for another 300 years, is drawing massive attention. Experts estimate that over 1.5 million people will flock to the area, swelling the population to over nine million, all needing proper eye protection.

Jo Trizila, the creator of Total Eclipse DFW, warns of the critical shortage of safe viewing glasses, reminiscent of the 2017 Eclipse when the demand vastly exceeded the supply. “In 2017, there were 12 million people within the Path of Totality. In 2024, this number will more than double to over 32 million. The need for Solar Eclipse glasses is unprecedented,” said Trizila.

The importance of using ISO-compliant glasses cannot be overstated because looking directly at the sun without proper protection poses severe risks to eye health.

Trizila expressed concerns about the proliferation of fraudulent glasses, especially those sold on platforms like Amazon. “It is vital to ensure that the glasses you purchase are from reputable sources listed on the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Suppliers of Safe Solar Filters & Viewers list to avoid potential harm and legal liabilities. Just because they say they are safe doesn’t mean that they are,” Trizila emphasized.

Total Eclipse DFW advises not to delay in securing these glasses. The window for ordering custom glasses is closing rapidly, with manufacturers announcing a halt on custom orders by the end of January. “If you want custom-branded or large quantities of Eclipse glasses, the time to order is now. This is a unique opportunity for businesses and organizations in DFW to make a lasting impression while ensuring the safety of our community,” Trizila added.

During a Total Solar Eclipse, the brief period of Totality is the only time Eclipse glasses are not required. This moment occurs when the moon completely obscures the sun, creating a dramatic and temporary night during the day. However, it’s crucial to remember that this is the only time when it is safe to view the Eclipse without protective eyewear. Before and after Totality, as the Moon moves across the Sun, individuals must wear ISO-compliant Eclipse glasses to protect their eyes.

For more information and to order your ISO-compliant Solar Eclipse glasses, please visit Total Eclipse DFW is an approved Eclipse Viewer Reseller by the American Astronomical Society.



Total Eclipse DFW is a regional campaign dedicated to showcasing the April 8, Total Solar Eclipse and the awe-inspiring Path of Totality as the quintessential celestial spectacle in North America. Operating as the central nexus, Total Eclipse DFW is the go-to resource for all aspects of the once-in-a-lifetime event, including Eclipse-related information and events specific to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our core mission is to ensure universal access to ISO-certified safe Solar Eclipse viewing glasses while simultaneously engaging and partnering with residents, visitors, governmental entities, businesses and media to orchestrate an unforgettable Eclipse encounter for all involved. Furthermore, we take pride in championing Dallas-Fort Worth as the premier location to witness this extraordinary astronomical phenomenon. For more information, please visit

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