A Conversation with Debra Ross, a Trailblazer in Eclipse Education and Community Engagement

photo of a lady in blue with three logos
photo of a lady in blue with three logos

We are excited to present to our Total Eclipse DFW audience an exclusive video interview with Debra Ross, a name synonymous with passion and expertise in the astronomical community. As the Publisher & CEO of KidsOutAndAbout.com and BeyondTheNest.com, Debra has carved a niche in fostering family-friendly and community-centered activities. Her role as the Co-Chair of the National Eclipse Task Force at the American Astronomical Society and Chairperson of the Rochester Eclipse Task Force further solidifies her as an authority in Eclipse education and preparation.

Debra’s Total Eclipse Journey To Eclipse Education

Debra’s journey in the world of celestial phenomena began with her awe-inspiring experience of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. This life-changing event ignited a passion in her to educate and assist communities in experiencing the wonder of Total Solar Eclipses. In our interview, Debra delves into how witnessing the 2017 Eclipse transformed her perspective and led her to become a pivotal figure in preparing communities, big and small, for the upcoming 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.

Eclipse Insights and Ideas

This conversation is a treasure trove of insights for anyone interested in astronomy, community engagement and event planning. Debra discusses her unique approaches to making celestial events accessible and enjoyable for all ages, sharing valuable tips on how communities can best prepare for and fully experience the grandeur of a Total Solar Eclipse.

Join us as we explore Debra Ross’s inspiring journey and learn how to make the most of the upcoming celestial spectacle. Don’t miss these exclusive insights from an expert who is not only passionate about the stars but also about bringing people together to witness the wonders of the universe.

Watch Debra Ross’s Enlightening Eclipse Interview Snippets

About Debra Ross

What Is Your Role As The Co-Chair of the AAS’s National Eclipse Task Force? (3:06)

The Total Eclipse Experience

What Exactly is a Total Solar Eclipse With Debra Ross (2:17)

“Me” and “We” Total Eclipse Experiences (2:41)

How Do You Select An Eclipse Viewing Location? (1:54)

Make The Total Eclipse Memorable For Employees (3:33)

Why 99% Is Not Enough – Totality Matters (1:44)

Why Do People Say, Experiencing A Total Solar Eclipse is Lifechanging (6:35)

Total Solar Eclipse Events

Eclipse Events In Stadiums (2:03)

Event Planners: Don’t Do This During Totality (1:04)

Events: Come Early – Stay Late (2:17)

Is It Too Late To Plan A Total Eclipse Event? (2:27)

Total Solar Eclipse Glasses

Eclipse Glasses On or Off During A Total Solar Eclipse? (2:13)

Total Solar Eclipse & Viewing Glasses (2:23)

What Happens If I Don’t Have Glasses For My Event? (2:47)

The 2024 Total Eclipse and Communities

How Are Communities Preparing For Its Eclipse Visitors? (4:00)

The Region’s Hits and Misses of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse (4:01)

What Municipalities & Regions Need To Avoid (2:46)

Why Texas Is The Place To Be For 2024 Total Solar Eclipse? (2:16)

The 2024 Total Eclipse and DFW Visitors

How Big Is This Total Solar Eclipse, Really? (2:25)

How Many Visitors Is DFW Expected To Have? (2:47)

Total Solar Eclipse and Media

Why International and National Media Will Flock To DFW For The Eclipse (2:07)

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