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Total Eclipse DFW is a comprehensive regional initiative crafted to serve as the central hub for all things related to the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse scheduled for April 8, 2024. Spearheaded by Jo Trizila, the founder and CEO of Dallas-based TrizCom PR, this platform provides essential information about Eclipse-related events, safety measures and the availability of viewing glasses within the DFW Metroplex. Continuously updated, the website acts as a one-stop resource for both residents and visitors eager to witness this rare celestial spectacle in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

Significance of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Dallas-Fort Worth

The significance of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in the Dallas-Fort Worth area cannot be overstated. Falling within the Path of Totality, this region offers an ideal vantage point to experience the Eclipse’s majestic beauty fully. Local cities, businesses and organizations are coming together to transform the Metroplex into a premier destination for Eclipse enthusiasts. Never before has DFW experienced an event that will impact every resident and visitor. Moreover, this event presents an unprecedented opportunity for local businesses to thrive as they cater to the influx of visitors, bolstering the regional economy. Total Eclipse DFW is dedicated to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all by providing access to ISO-certified Solar Eclipse viewing glasses.

Understanding Total Solar Eclipses: How They Differ from Other Solar Eclipses

Partial Solar Eclipse

A Total Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon aligns perfectly between the Earth and the Sun, completely obscuring the Sun’s disk and casting a shadow on Earth. While dedicated eclipse enthusiasts may have more opportunities to witness this event, it remains relatively rare for the average person to experience a Total Solar Eclipse. This rarity is due to the requirement that the eclipse occur during the daytime, and observers must be located within a narrow strip known as the Path of Totality (which thankfully includes more than 300 cities in DFW). This path, created by the Moon’s dark umbral shadow, extends approximately 10,000 miles but is only about 100 miles wide. When within the Path of Totality, as will be the case for Dallas-Fort Worth on April 8, 2024, the sky significantly darkens and temperatures can drop. The duration of Totality is brief, lasting only a few minutes, during which it is safe to remove solar eclipse glasses.

In contrast, other solar eclipses, such as Partial and Annular Eclipses, offer different experiences. In a Partial Eclipse, the Moon covers only a portion of the Sun, resulting in a crescent shape. The extent of coverage varies based on the observer’s location relative to the Path of Totality. Although not as visually striking as a Total Eclipse, there is a noticeable reduction in daylight during a Partial Eclipse. For the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse, only a small percentage of Americans will find themselves within the Path of Totality. However, every American city will witness a Partial Solar Eclipse. Partial Solar EclipseDuring an Annular Eclipse, the Moon is positioned at a distance from Earth where it cannot completely obscure the Sun, resulting in the creation of a luminous ring, often referred to as The Ring of Fire.

Annular Solar Eclipse

A Total Solar Eclipse distinguishes itself from Partial and Annular Eclipses through the extraordinary experience it offers. Observers positioned within the narrow path of the Moon’s complete shadow, known as the “umbra,” have the privilege of witnessing “Totality.” This brief but awe-inspiring phase, lasting only a few minutes, provides a captivating view of the Sun’s corona and occasionally even solar flares and prominences. In contrast, during a Partial or Annular Eclipse, this dramatic spectacle remains elusive, necessitating the use of protective eyewear throughout the event to safely observe the Sun.

Total Solar Eclipses are infrequent events, occurring approximately every 18 months somewhere on Earth. However, they seldom revisit the exact location for many years, if not centuries.

According to The Farmers Almanac, only eight Total Solar Eclipses have graced American soil since the signing of the Declaration of Independence:

  • June 24, 1778
  • October 27, 1780
  • July 18, 1860
  • August 7, 1869
  • July 29, 1878
  • March 7, 1970
  • February 26, 1979
  • August 21, 2017

Following the Total Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024, the next opportunity for Americans to witness one will be on August 12, 2045, a span of 22 years.

To provide perspective, let’s consider the ages of Trizila’s daughter, Kate, with the upcoming Total Solar Eclipses in the United States:

  • August 21, 2017 – Kate was 7 years old
  • April 8, 2024 – Kate will be 14 years old
  • August 12, 2045 – Kate will be 36 years old
  • November 15, 2077 – Kate will be 67 years old
  • May 11, 2078 – Kate will be 68 years old
  • May 1, 2079 – Kate will be 69 years old
  • September 14, 2099 – Kate will be 89 years old

The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse holds special significance for Dallas-Fort Worth, as the region’s last encounter with such an event occurred on July 29, 1878, a remarkable 146 years ago. Astonishingly, the next Total Solar Eclipse in DFW is not anticipated for nearly 300 years.

If you wish to learn more about Total Solar Eclipses, you can explore a comprehensive list of Eclipse frequently asked questions.

Also, Cleo Abram has a great video that explains a Total Eclipse in layman’s terms. Check it out.

Total Solar Eclipse Resource: Jo Trizila’s 2017 Personal Experience

In 2017, Jo Trizila experienced a pivotal moment that would later inspire the creation of this campaign. At the time, her daughter Kate was attending grade school, and the entire school was eagerly anticipating an upcoming Solar Eclipse known as “The Great American Eclipse.” The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Kate’s elementary school had even purchased viewing glasses for every student to witness this event.

Notably, the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse marked a historic occasion in the United States. It was the first time since the nation’s founding in 1776 that a Total Solar Eclipse had crossed the country exclusively from coast to coast. Furthermore, the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse was the first of its kind visible from the contiguous United States since 1979. The event garnered widespread attention, making it nearly impossible to avoid news coverage and discussions about the Eclipse. The anticipation for this celestial event was palpable.

While the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) region was not in the Path of Totality for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, it still experienced a Partial Eclipse, adding to the excitement of the celestial spectacle. 

The Issue of Non-ISO-Certified Glasses

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse generated immense excitement and surging demand for specialized Solar Eclipse glasses. Unfortunately, this heightened interest also allowed unscrupulous individuals to flood the market with counterfeit and non-compliant glasses. Numerous companies falsely claimed to offer ISO-certified Solar Eclipse glasses, putting consumers’ eye safety at risk. These fraudulent products had the potential to cause severe eye damage if used to view the sun for extended periods.

Regrettably, on the day of the Partial Eclipse on August 21, 2017, it was discovered that the glasses purchased by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) were not ISO-certified. Consequently, students could not safely observe the celestial event outdoors, leading to disappointment. This incident underscored the critical need for reliable and certified Solar Eclipse viewing glasses. Fortunately, Jo Trizila, recognizing the importance of safety, had purchased ISO-certified glasses for her TrizCom PR team, allowing her daughter Kate to experience the Eclipse safely.

Facebook Post
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The Impact of the Incident on Trizila’s Daughter and Her Classmates

The event had a significant impact on Trizila’s daughter and her fellow students, as they were deprived of an eagerly anticipated educational opportunity. Additionally, it raised broader concerns regarding the readiness and accessibility of accurate information for the general public regarding Solar Eclipses and the necessary eyewear precautions.

mother and daughter outside with solar eclipse glasses on.

Total Solar Eclipse Resource: Pioneering the Total Eclipse DFW Experience

Driven by this unfortunate incident, Trizila was determined to prevent anyone from missing out on a rare opportunity like this ever again, especially in their local area. Thus, Total Eclipse DFW was established with the mission of offering precise and extensive details regarding the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Dallas-Fort Worth. Equally significant, it aimed to serve as a dependable source for individuals seeking to acquire certified and safe Eclipse glasses.

Broad Geographic Coverage

Dallas Fort Worth Map

Total Eclipse DFW extends well beyond the confines of Dallas-Fort Worth. Its mission spans a vast geographical expanse, encompassing 32 counties and over 300 cities in North Texas, all situated along the Path of Totality. This extensive coverage positions Total Eclipse DFW as the primary resource for both residents and visitors to the region, ensuring they don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime astronomical spectacle.

Total Solar Eclipse Resource: Dallas-Fort Worth DMA Regions

Anderson County
Bosque County
Collin County
Comanche County
Cooke County
Dallas County
Delta County
Denton County
Ellis County
Erath County
Fannin County
Freestone County
Hamilton County
Henderson County
Hill County
Hood County
Hopkins County
Hunt County
Jack County
Johnson County
Kaufman County
Lamar County
Navarro County
Palo Pinto County
Parker County
Rains County
Red River County
Rockwall County
Somervell County
Tarrant County
Van Zandt County
Wise County

ISO-Certified Solar Eclipse Eyewear

2024 Total Eclipse DFW official solar eclipse glasses

The official Total Eclipse DFW ISO-certified Solar Eclipse Glasses. (Note the Fort Worth skyline on the left and the Dallas skyline in on the right.)

Introducing the official Total Eclipse DFW ISO-certified Solar Eclipse Glasses. These glasses feature the iconic Fort Worth skyline on the left and the Dallas skyline on the right, showcasing their regional connection.

Safety is paramount! During the Total Solar Eclipse, safeguarding your eyes is of utmost importance. Total Eclipse DFW exclusively provides ISO-certified Solar Eclipse viewing glasses, guaranteeing the safety of all observers. These glasses adhere to international safety standards, offering a secure and trustworthy viewing experience for all Eclipse enthusiasts.

Total Solar Eclipse Resource: Understanding ISO Certification

Orange rectangle with a white diagram.

To safely observe both Total Solar Eclipses and Partial Solar Eclipses, prioritizing eye protection is paramount. The international standard that serves as the gold standard for this purpose is ISO 12312-2:2015, titled “Eye and face protection — Sunglasses and related eyewear — Part 2: Filters for direct observation of the Sun.”

While ISO standards do not have the legal force of law, they often influence government regulations. Consequently, it is generally unwise to sell or use products that do not conform to ISO standards. Such non-compliant products may be inadequate for their intended purpose and pose potential safety hazards. ISO 12312-2 precisely delineates the essential features that solar viewers must possess to guarantee eye safety.

The American Astrological Society (AAS) Solar Eclipse Task Force (SETF) strongly discourages using solar viewing equipment that does not adhere to ISO 12312-2. To facilitate safe purchases, the AAS has curated a list of approved manufacturers and resellers. It is highly recommended to procure Eclipse glasses exclusively from these endorsed sources. Notably, Total Eclipse DFW is an AAS-approved reseller.

It is worth noting that some resellers on platforms like Amazon and eBay may falsely claim that NASA has granted approval or endorsement for their solar viewers. However, it is crucial to understand that NASA does not provide such approvals or endorsements.

Total Eclipse DFW: Your Comprehensive Resource Center for Everything About Eclipses

The Total Eclipse DFW website serves as an extensive hub for everything related to the upcoming 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. It caters to a wide audience, including local businesses seeking opportunities, families planning eclipse-viewing activities and various groups interested in participating.

One of its key features is the promotion of community involvement, allowing both public and private groups to showcase their eclipse-related events, ensuring maximum visibility and inclusivity for all interested individuals.

By prioritizing these distinct features, Total Eclipse DFW is well-prepared to deliver a secure, informative and community-centered experience for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse Resource: Total Eclipse DFW Website Features

Screenshot of Total Eclipse DFW website.

The Total Eclipse DFW website serves as an invaluable resource for anyone anticipating the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse. This online platform offers a wide array of features to deliver the most comprehensive and current information. Here are the prominent features you can anticipate:

  • Extensive List of Viewing Locations:
  • Regular Updates on Eclipse-Related News:
    • Timely Information: Stay informed with the latest Eclipse news, including scientific insights and local updates.
    • Expert Opinions: Access articles and interviews featuring subject matter experts for in-depth perspectives.
  • Guidelines and Tips for Safe Viewing:
    • ISO-Certified Glasses: Ensuring access to ISO-certified Solar Eclipse viewing glasses is a top priority.
    • Safe Viewing Tips: Find detailed guidelines on safely enjoying the Eclipse minimizing the risk of eye damage.
  • Event Hosting Platform for Public and Private Groups:
    • Broad Outreach: Public and private groups can upload their Eclipse-related events to maximize exposure.
    • Community Building: This feature encourages collaboration among local cities, businesses and organizations, making DFW a well-managed destination for the event.

The Total Eclipse DFW website strives to be a one-stop resource for all your Eclipse-related needs, encompassing safety measures and fostering community engagement.

Collaboration and Community Engagement: Uniting the Metroplex for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Cosmic Event

Dallas-Fort Worth is a diverse and vibrant region composed of a rich tapestry of cities, businesses and organizations. The upcoming 2024 Total Solar Eclipse presents a remarkable opportunity to unite this multifaceted community for a truly once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s worth noting that scientists anticipate the next occurrence of a Total Solar Eclipse Path of Totality crossing this region to be nearly 300 years away.

In light of this extraordinary celestial event, Total Eclipse DFW has a primary goal: to establish a central hub that fosters collaboration and facilitates the sharing of valuable resources among the various stakeholders in the Fort Worth area.

This initiative aims to harness the collective energy and enthusiasm of the community, uniting them in their shared excitement for the upcoming eclipse. Through collaboration and resource sharing, Total Eclipse DFW seeks to make this cosmic event an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

The eclipse serves as a unifying force, bringing together individuals, businesses and organizations to celebrate a momentous event that transcends boundaries and creates lasting memories for future generations. 

How Businesses and Organizations Benefit

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Involvement in a region-wide event elevates your brand’s profile, reaching local, national and international audiences.
  • Community Engagement: Hosting Eclipse-related activities, promotions or educational sessions fosters a sense of community and customer loyalty.
  • Business Growth: The Eclipse’s influx of residents and tourists provides a distinctive opportunity for heightened foot traffic and increased sales. 

Engaging Journalists with an Action Plan

Total Eclipse DFW extends a global invitation to journalists, welcoming them to join in witnessing this celestial spectacle. By collaborating with Total Eclipse DFW, you gain access to a wealth of historical context, connections with leading experts and exclusive event opportunities. Your narrative skills can elevate the importance of the 2024 Eclipse and emphasize the pivotal role played by Dallas-Fort Worth as the primary vantage point for this extraordinary event.

Strategic Promotion for the April 8, 2024 Celestial Event

People outside wearing solar eclipse glasses.

Total Eclipse DFW is committed to creating excitement and involvement in the lead-up to the extraordinary celestial occurrence on April 8, 2024. Our comprehensive promotional approach comprises:

  1. Community Partnerships: We’re collaborating with local businesses to offer exclusive, Eclipse-themed merchandise and special deals, fostering a sense of community and celebration.
  2. Educational Webinars: Join our virtual webinars and Q&A sessions featuring renowned astronomers and Eclipse experts. Gain valuable insights into the upcoming Eclipse and what to anticipate during this remarkable event.
  3. Media Outreach: Stay informed with our monthly press releases, disseminated to regional, national and international media outlets. Additionally, our dedicated media resource page on TotalEclipseDFW serves as a valuable reference.
  4. Informative Website: Visit our regularly updated website for a wealth of Eclipse information, including facts, safety guidelines, event schedules and much more.

At Total Eclipse DFW, we aim to make the 2024 Eclipse a memorable experience for all and our promotional strategies are designed to keep you engaged and informed. Join us in celebrating this celestial marvel!

Ensuring Access to ISO Eclipse Glasses for Individuals, Businesses and Organizations

Total Solar Eclipse Timeline

Total Eclipse DFW recognizes the demand for bulk (larger)  quantities of ISO-certified Solar Eclipse viewing glasses for businesses, organizations and nonprofit groups. In the months leading up to the Total Solar Eclipse, TotalEclipseDFW will offer smaller quantities for individuals and families.

The organization’s forthcoming initiatives include:

  1. Online Store: Total Eclipse DFW will establish an online store on its website, offering the option for individuals to purchase single or multiple pairs of glasses, each meticulously packaged.
  2. Retail Partnerships: Collaborations with local retail establishments will be forged, making these crucial glasses readily available to the community through nearby stores.
  3. Limited Edition Design: To enhance their appeal, Total Eclipse DFW will introduce a unique and collectible design for these glasses, adding a touch of exclusivity.
  4. Seeking Sponsorships: To balance affordability with safety standards, Total Eclipse DFW will actively seek sponsorships to make these glasses accessible to all.

Through these strategic updates, Total Eclipse DFW aims to ensure the community remains well-informed, enthusiastic and secure in their eclipse-watching endeavors.

Total Solar Eclipse Resource: Conclusion

Total Eclipse DFW transcends being a mere regional campaign; it stands as a united endeavor to transform the April 8, 2024, Total Solar Eclipse into a monumental, secure and enlightening experience for all participants. Our mission extends far beyond simple observation of this rare celestial phenomenon.

Total Eclipse DFW aims to nurture a sense of community, open doors to business prospects and ensure public access to ISO-certified Solar Eclipse viewing glasses. Our ambition is to position Dallas-Fort Worth as the premier destination for this once-in-a-lifetime astronomical spectacle.

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us on this extraordinary journey. Seize the opportunity to become a part of history. Stay updated with the latest developments, event listings and safety guidelines by frequently visiting the Total Eclipse DFW website at

Together, let’s elevate the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse into a momentous occasion that leaves an indelible mark on future generations while showcasing the brilliance of the Dallas-Fort Worth area to the global community.

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