2024 Total Solar Eclipse & The Path of Totality

Countdown to Totality: Explore Ideal Locations for the 2024 Eclipse in Rains County, TX

It is crucial to use safe Solar Eclipse Glasses that are ISO 12312-2 certified to protect your eyes during a Total Solar Eclipse, except during brief moments of Totality. These special-purpose glasses are designed to block the Sun’s harmful rays, allowing safe viewing of the Eclipse. However, during the short period of Totality when the Moon completely (100%) covers the Sun, it is safe to remove the Eclipse glasses to appreciate this awe-inspiring phenomenon without full eye protection. It’s important to emphasize that looking at the Sun without proper eye protection, especially outside of Totality, can cause permanent eye damage, so certified Eclipse glasses should be worn diligently before and after this unique phase.

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Rains County Solar Eclipse Locations

Emory, Texas
Miles from Downtown Dallas: 65.4 | Miles from Downtown Fort Worth: 97.2
Total Eclipse Totality Start Time: 13:42:20
Total Eclipse Totality Duration: 4 Minutes 18.4 Seconds

Point, Texas
Miles from Downtown Dallas: 68 | Miles from Downtown Fort Worth: 92.5
Total Eclipse Totality Start Time: 13:42:13
Total Eclipse Totality Duration: 4 Minutes 21.2 Seconds

Total Solar Eclipse

Additional DFW Counties in the Path of Eclipse Totality – View Times & Locations

Total SOlar eclipse

Safeguard Your Vision: Choosing the Right Solar Eclipse Glasses

When viewing a Total Solar Eclipse in Rains County, Texas, it’s essential to have solar eclipse glasses for eye protection. These glasses are necessary to safeguard your eyes from the harmful intensity of the Sun’s rays during the Eclipse’s partial phases. However, there is a brief exception: during the few minutes of totality when the Moon entirely covers the Sun, it is safe to view the Eclipse without these glasses. But it’s crucial to remember that this Totality phase is very short, lasting only a couple of minutes. Therefore, keeping your Solar Eclipse glasses on before and after totality is advisable to ensure your eyes are shielded from the Sun’s intense brightness.

Solar Eclipse Countdown: Prepare with the Best Glasses

2024 Total Eclipse DFW official solar eclipse glasses

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Rains County Solar Eclipse Locations and times may change. Therefore, please check with NASA for last-minute changes.